Háztűznézőben - A konyha (A2)

Angolos ötletek - 2010. szeptember 26.

Írta: Prievara Tibor

A tananyag ezúttal egy amerikai lány konyhájának és étkezőjének apró titkai tárja fel előttünk, sok kedves magyarázattal. Az első lépés a konyhatündérré válás felé! :)


The kitchen tour - Interactive module

Title The House Tour - My Kitchen
Language Speaking/Listening/Vocabulary
Level Pre-intermediate
Time needed 25-30 mins
What you can learn In this module, you can watch a video made by an American girl who shows you around in her house. She goes on to her living room in this lesson. When you've watched the video enough times, it will be your turn to do our quiz and games about the vocabulary from the video.
What you need on your computer

Macromedia Flash Player (to view the interactive exercise)

Microsoft Word (to download material as a handout)

Teacher's note

This lesson is built around a video prepared by an American girl who has moved to a new house. As she introduces her home to us, students can acquire a number of useful words and expressions connected to describing a kitchen and a dining room (reinforced by the visual impression). This vocabulary can then be practiced in our interactive exercises.

You can download the lesson as a handout (.doc) as well as an interactive module (.swf)

Download lesson

- You can download the lesson here. (.doc)

- You can download the interactive module here. (.swf)

Watch the video here