Egy agglegény lakása - vicces videó (B2+)

Angolos ötletek - 2010. március 15.

Írta: Prievara Tibor

Hogyan lehet a barátnőknek elmondani, hogy az egglegény nem tervez hosszútávú kapcsolatot? Nos, Barney, a How I met your mother' című sorozatban elmeséli. Lehet ötleteket gyűjteni, vagy éppen megbotránkozni. Mindezt persze interaktívan, játékokkal, videó részletekkel és szókincsfejlesztéssel. Just awesome!!


A bachelor's apartment - video

Title What does your apartment say about you?
Language Listening/Vocabulary/Speaking/Video/Fun
Level Upperr-intermediate-Advanced (B2+)
Time needed 15-20 mins
What you can learn

Video: you are going to watch a short (1.44 mins) extract from the popular American series How I met your mother. There is an interactive presentation in which the video is cut up and some expressions are given in subtitles.

Also, there is a comprehension check exercise together with a vocabulary word game.

What you need on your computer

Flash player (to view the interactive material)

Note: This e-learning material contains some videos, so it may take longer to download than other NetAngol lessons. The overall size of the file is about 9 MB, so please be patient for it to download!)

Teacher's note

This is an interactive, fun multi-media lesson. It is great for all ages (maybe not very young children, as there is a reference to pornography in one of the extracts).

Stds can watch the whole extract and also in short parts, which makes it easier to process all the new vocabulary.

The interactive comprehension exercise and the learning game makes this material ideal for even an interactive whiteboard lesson!

Download lesson

- You can access the interactive lesson here.