Tényleg káros a dohányzás? - vita

Angolos ötletek - 2011. április 3.

Írta: Prievara Tibor

Nehéz elképzelni, hogy a cigaretta mellett is lehet érvelni, pedig lehet. Az érettségire készülők, illetve haladó nyelvtanulók számára készült 'vita-anyagunk' most mindenkinek ellentmond.

Should smoking be prohibited? - debate

Title A debate task on the issue above - plenty of arguments against ... and for!
Language Speaking
Level Advanced
Time needed 15-20 mins
What you can learn

Speaking: you will read a lot of arguments for and against the sttement above (of course, you might have others as well) and then you will have to fight it out with someone. In the future we are planning on having some online chat debate duels (or rather battles), which you are welcome to join. If interested, drop us a line at tanar@netangol.hu.

What you need on your computer

Microsoft Word (to download worksheet)

Teachers' Note

This is a debate task on the question of smoking. There are plenty of arguments for both the pro and the con side. If you are doing this in a class, you might give half of the class all the pro arguments and the other all the cons. Next, armed with precious information and ideas, they might fight it out in pairs.

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