Beszélt angol: 'A munka ...' (B1+)

Angolos ötletek - 2011. április 3.

Írta: Prievara Tibor

A 'Spoken English Bits' legújabb anyaga a 'munka' témakörben kérdezte meg egy magyarországon élő angol véleményét. A hanganyaghoz most is bőséges szókincs társul. Ha valakinek van türelme, akár 100 hétköznapi, hasznos kifejezést is megtanulhat.

Spoken English Bits: Work (interactive module)

Title A 2.5-minute recording of spoken English on the topic
Language Vocabulary/Speaking/Reading
Level Intermediate +
Time needed 35-40 mins
What you can learn

Speaking: you can see how native speakers talk about the topic of 'work'

Reading: a reading/listening comprehension exercise helps you check your understanding of the text

Vocabulary: as usual, there is an English-Hungarian expression bank with nearly 40 everyday expressions from spoken English

All this is available in the form of an interactive flash module as well. There is a number of interactive exercises as well as a Vocabulary notebook .

What you need on your computer

Microsoft Word (to download worksheet - .doc)

Windows media player (to listen to the text - .mp3)

Macromedia Flash Player (to do interactive module - .swf)

Teachers' Note

This is another unit of the 'Spoken English Bits'. Useful for exam prep as well, it can be best exploited if learners take the expressions learnt in context and use them to talk about themselves.

(Source: The Finals - KFG Kiadó)

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