A szenvedő szerkezet (A2)

Angolos ötletek - 2010. szeptember 26.

Írta: Prievara Tibor

A tananyag az angol nyelv egyik nagy mumusát, a szenvedő szerkezetet igyekszik fogyasztható formában a kedves felhasználó elé tárni. A magyar nyelvű magyarázatok, a sok példa és a kifejezetten erre a szintre összeállított kvíznek köszönhetően a szenvedés minimális mértékű :)

The passive - Interactive module

Title Korfball is played indoors - The passive
Language Grammar
Level Pre-intermediate
Time needed 20-25 mins
What you can learn In this module, you can learn about the basic rules for using the passive. The rules are Hungarian, and simple, and they are always illustrated with and example. When you know them all, an interactive quiz is waiting for you where you can test yourself on your new knowledge.
What you need on your computer

Macromedia Flash Player (to view the interactive exercise)

Microsoft Word (to download material as a handout)

Teacher's note

This is a grammar lesson about the rules for making and using the passive. Students are presented with the most important meaning, form and pronunciation issues in Hungarian, with lots of examples. This is followed by a series of exercises in which students get the opportunity to practice the language.

You can download the lesson as a handout (.doc) as well as an interactive module (.swf)

Download lesson

- You can download the lesson here. (.doc)

- You can download the interactive module here. (.swf)