Spelling city - szóismétlés interaktívan

Internet a tanórán - 2010. július 13.

Írta: Prievara Tibor

Ma újabb óravázlattal kedveskedünk angolos kollégáinknak. Szintén a táborban tapasztaltuk meg igazán, hogy mennyire hasznos a Spelling City oldala! A lapozás után nem is egy, hanem igazából 2 óravázlat található, mivel a Spelling City-t kipróbáltuk haladóbb, nagyobb gyerekekkel, de kicsikkel is (kb. 10 évesekkel). Most részletesen a nagyokkal foglalkozunk, a kicsikkel felvett órát a Spelling City-vel pedig később, egy 'állatos' óravázlat keretében tesszük közzé.


Vocabulary revision through Spelling City

Title Custom-made vocabulary games
Language Vocabulary
Level Any level
Time needed 10-30 mins (depending on how many exercises you use)
Pocedure 1. Tell Ss that they are going to play with words you've had (for that you need to go to Spelling city first and type a list of words - about 15 is the ideal number - in the slots given.
(Note: what the website does is quite simple: it takes your vocabulary list and creates a number of inteactive exercises and games based on it).

2. First, go to 'Test me' and do the vocabulary test, where they have to emember the words and type them in the gaps given - they can listen to the words pronounced and also listen to a sentence with the word.
(Note: have Ss come one by one and type the answers - don't correct their mistakes, but invite the group to do so if they think the spelling is not right! Tell them that they together - as a group - have to do the exercise and you'll be not helping them. this way Ss pay more attention to each other's work - they wouldn't want to lose because someone gets it wong, so they help each other.

3. When you're done with this part, you can play an Audio Word Match game (under 'Play a game'), where they have to pay attention to the pronunciation of the words. This activity works best with 10+ words. It's challenging enough for older Ss as well.

4. Finally (durung the lesson we had) Ss played a Word search game (there are some 15 other games to play, so you can pick the one most suitable for your class and age group).
What you need on your computer

Flash Player

Teaching notes
Before doing the execise, make sure you've typed the words correctly! Nothing frustrates the Ss more than not getting the point, because you made a typo.
Also, make sure you don't use plual forms unless Ss are made aware - this is another source of frustration - they know the word but you put the pural there, so they'll get it wrong.
FInally, make sure you don't enter words twice! This seemingly innocent mistake upsets the whole class, and proved to be an endless source of mix-ups.