Angolos ötletek - 2012. december 21.

Írta: Prievara Tibor

Here comes a list of materials, websites, handouts, videos, infographics, interacive materials, games and a lot more on the topic of SCHOOLING / LEARNING / EDUCATION. Please feel free to download and use anything you find here. Also, share the website with colleagues if you feel it's worthy :) Thanks and happy browsing from Tibor Prievara!

Here are 20 school lunches from all over the world. Interesting to see what other children eat.

Do we only use 10% of our brains? Myth or reality? Great discussion starter (or just fun to read) from the BBC.

BucketList.org. Search other people's bucket lists, create your own and tick off items as you go. Or just choose some 12 items, give them to students and have them choose 3 they would include in their bucket list. Also, create a group bucket list if you have time. Works all the time.

Here is a collection of infographics on education (from Edudemic) as well as a worksheet on vocabulary to report data from graphs. Worked well in my IELTS class.

This picture kept my students busy for a good 45 minutes. It's simple, really. Identify distractions, rank them in any one of a number of ways (typical of you, dangerous to getting things done etc.). Pair it up with some expressions (e.g. informal letters, formal letters, letter to the editor etc.) and have Ss write the letter. All - and a lot more - from a tiny little picture. Check it out.

A great documentary (quite shocking at times, so please make sure your students can take it!) on the life of Japanese teenagers and their educational system. Click here to download a worksheet to go with the video.

Here is an intermediate worksheet on school rules (with a bit of modals - DOC).

So you don't like the timetable at school? You'd design your schoolday in a different way? Just do it (.DOC to download here). B1+

Here is an audio material (mp3) (B1+) on an embarrassing school experience, and here is a handout (.DOC) to go with it.

This is a video on senior ditch day, 3 minutes, great discussion starter.

Debate material (some research I've done) on corporal punishment. Download arguments and fact FOR and AGAINST corporal puonishment. Also, here is a video from CBS to start off the debate.

Download this Word doc. to use in B1+ classes (and above). This is a collection of debatable situations from my experience in public education (either situations I've personally experienced or have heard about). Because the situations are real, they never fail to provoke heated discussions from students.

Here are some 100 discussion question on the topic of "education' from the ITESLJ Journal.

Vocabulary exercise (B1) from ESL-lab with audio.

Online degrees: advantages and disadvantages - with audio HERE.

A day at school - elementary, interactive (w/ adverbs of frequency to sweeten the deal :)

ESL Games - interactive game for elementary students on school subjects and vocabulary on school.

Education in the UK - video (easy to understand for B1- students as well)