Netikett - mit (ne) tegyünk online (B2)

Angolos ötletek - 2010. november 4.

Írta: Prievara Tibor

A tananyag segít eligazdoni az internet dzsungelében. Mit illik és mit nem? Mit jelent, ha VALAKI ÍGY ÍR? Mit ne írjunk egy fórumba, és mikor illik idézni? Sok érdekes szabály (amelyet megtartani is érdemes), de öszegyűjtöttünk néhány vicces 'online szabálysértést' is.

Netiquette - interactive module

Title So, are you surfing the Net? But do you know the rules? Here is your chance to learn them!
Language Vocabulary/Speaking/Reading/Fun
Level Intermediate + (B2)
Time needed 35-40 mins
What you can learn

Reading: You are going to read some important (basic) rules from the Netiquette. Netiquette (Internet etiquette) tells you what to do and what not to do online. That is to say, what is polite and what is not. There are some funny examples of people breaking the netiquette rules, but you can also learn some important / useful vocabulary.

Note: You can also download the material as a .doc document and do the exercises on paper.

What you need on your computer

Macromedia Flash Player (to view interactive material - .swf)

Microsoft Word (to download lesson material in .doc format)

Teachers' Note

This is a truly fun material for students. It might be used to supplement any intermediate + course, and the topic is more than relevant in today's youth culture.

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